Worried that treatment with 6 Month Smiles will hurt? The truth about this brace with Harbour Dental

The internet can be a fantastic place to learn new things.

But, like most things, it can also be a place where facts become muddled and mistruths can create confusion. And of course, no one wants to be confused when it comes to cosmetic dentistry or deciding to straighten your teeth.

Also, if you are an adult, it is likely that you have a very strict list of things you want in a potential brace; you will probably want one that is affordable, works quickly and doesn’t impinge on your confidence. A couple of decades ago, most dental professionals would have told you that such a brace did not exist, but today, such braces are more commonplace than ever and can help you get a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile in less time than it takes to plan the average wedding.

When you come to Harbour Dental for your cosmetic orthodontic treatment, our team may recommend treatment with 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland. As the name suggests, this is a brace that takes only 6 months to straighten your teeth, with many cases completed in an even shorter time span. Which is perfect if you have an upcoming graduation or another important life

event that you want to look your best for!

But have you read some mistruths online about 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland and are wary about having them fitted? Read on to learn 5 truths about this clear brace.

No orthodontist required!

While it is normal to associate braces with an orthodontist, if you are given the green light by our team for 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, you can have it fitted in our surgery!

As this brace is cosmetic and is not designed to straighten more serious cases of malocclusion or protrusion, it can be fitted by a regular dentist, meaning that your treatment can be started sooner. Brilliant!

No root damage!

Worried that a faster treatment time equates to damage caused to your roots?

This brace has been found to cause no damage to the roots of the teeth that are moved and does not cause damage to the gums or the jawbones.

No visible brace!

While it is fitted, it is designed to be as discreet as possible.

Our team at Harbour Dental uses either tooth coloured or clear brackets to attach the wire to your teeth and, unlike traditional braces, the wires used are very slim. And so, when you smile, you aren’t going to draw any unwanted stares.

No long appointments!

We’ve all heard the stories of patients being in the dental chair for hours while their brace is fitted, or the tightening taking a long time.

With this brace, the fitting can be completed in under an hour and the tightening is simple and uses minimal force, so there will be no long appointments to sit through.

No discomfort!

And finally, this brace is more comfortable than other adult orthodontic options, making it more lifestyle-friendly and easier to manage. Perfect!