Heard the buzz about Six Month Smiles? Your FAQs about this brace answered by Harbour Dental

It almost sounds too good to be true; straighter teeth in six months, without metal braces?

As the area of cosmetic dentistry becomes more popular, more patients are undertaking treatments involving invisible or clear aligners, to get a straighter smile without the fuss of wearing a metal-based brace.

While many adult dental patients would not consider undertaking any kind of orthodontic treatment due to concerns about discomfort or having a mouth full of metal, there are braces that address both of these issues and only take six months to straighten your teeth!

Suitable for addressing misalignments located at the front of the mouth, these braces are the perfect way to straighten your smile in time for any upcoming events and will not dent your confidence in the interim!

Indeed, Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland have helped thousands of people get a straighter, more symmetrical smile, and at Harbour Dental, our team has helped many patients get a straighter smile in record time. Fitted to your teeth, this brace is clear, and will not draw unwanted stares from strangers or colleagues, all the while straightening your smile. Perfect!

Want to know more? Of course, you do! Our team at Harbour Dental answers your top five FAQs about Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland.

Does this brace hurt?

Compared to other orthodontic braces, Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland is a very comfortable brace. While you can expect some pressure once it is fitted and after you visit our team during the treatment, it should not cause an excessive level of discomfort. As it does not use force or pressure in the same way as traditional braces, any discomfort should be manageable with over the counter painkillers.

Am I suitable for it?

If our team decides that you do not need to correct your bite or change the way your jaws are aligned, then you may be suitable for this brace.

Be aware, however, that this brace is purely cosmetic and will only move the teeth at the front of your mouth. So if you have gaps, overcrowding, or crooked teeth at the front of your smile, then this brace may be for you.

How much does it cost?

At Harbour Dental, our team is able to offer financing options to help spread the cost of this brace, and, as the treatment is shorter than many other adult based orthodontics, the overall cost of this brace is usually less than you might expect.

Can this brace cause damage to the roots of my teeth?

Many patients are concerned that with an accelerated treatment, there is a higher risk of damage to their roots. Luckily, this brace is no more likely to damage the roots of your teeth than a traditional brace, so don’t worry!

Will I need a retainer afterward?

All types of orthodontic treatments require a period of wearing a retainer afterwards and so, once you finish wearing this brace, our team will provide you with a custom-fitted retainer. The results of this procedure will not disappoint, if you follow dental advice.