Choosing braces Northern Ireland, what are the benefits and options?

With the goal of helping you get the best smile possible, we at Harbour Dental offer an array of orthodontic treatments including the well-known treatment of braces. But what are the benefits? Who can wear braces and is there a faster option available? Let’s answer all of these questions.

Why choose to wear braces?

As mentioned the primary goal is for you to have a straighter smile that you are happy with while maintaining excellent oral health. This allows you to get the best use of your teeth, eating without discomfort, avoiding issues like uneven wear, gum pain and making it easier to clean and maintain your pearly whites. When you choose to have braces in Northern Ireland with us at Harbour Dental we will strive to correct any misaligned, overly gapped, crooked or protruding teeth to help you reach this goal.

Are there any limitations?

You will need to have a healthy mouth and gums in order to be considered for the treatment of braces but don’t worry. These are all things that can be addressed in your free consultation with Harbour Dental. We will identify things like Gum disease or pre-existing conditions that may impact the effectiveness of your braces in Northern Ireland.

Are braces just for kids?

So in an ideal world, you would have the braces on at the age of around twelve or thirteen. This is because the treatment will be most beneficial while the teeth and jaw are still growing. However, this does not mean that you are ruled out as an adult! Quite the opposite, as an adult you may have to limit your options somewhat and the treatments, in general, may take a little longer but your smile is still something you can address at any age. If you are an adult interested in braces in Northern Ireland then you should speak to our friendly team about your options.

How do braces work?

There are a number of options when it comes to braces but standard braces work by fixing mounting points to your teeth and connecting these by a thin wire. These wires can then be adjusted by your dentist and manipulate your teeth into their correct positions. This is a gradual, bit by bit, process to minimise discomfort and provide lasting results.

Clear aligners are also available which perform the same job with a gradual subtle movement of the teeth to reach their desired outcome, however, these are removable and do not require any fixings to the teeth.

6 Month Smiles with Harbour Dental

If you want an effective and speedy treatment that’s also cost-effective you should consider 6 Month Smiles with us. The primary benefit of this brace treatment is that time involved has a really positive impact on your smile. Standard orthodontic treatments will last 12-18 months. 6 Month Smiles, however, takes just six months because it focuses on the most clearly visible teeth when smiling. Efficiency means you get really effective results in the time taken.

Our friendly team will help you find the best advice on your dental needs.