Here at Harbour Dental we have always been committed to providing our patients with the best possible care for their dental needs. We offer a full range of dental treatment options for you and your family.

Prevention is better than cure and so key to maintaining a healthy mouth and smile is your routine dental check-up. This allows your dentist to examine and monitor the health of your teeth and gums, screen for oral cancers, undertake non-invasive investigations, such as X-rays, and prescribe the right course of action – whether that is a visit to the hygienist, dental and oral hygiene advice, or restorative dentistry. Early detection, through routine check ups, means we can minimise the extent of treatment and maximise the health of your teeth.

We also offer an extensive range of restorative dentistry – such as fillings (amalgam or tooth coloured), root canal treatments, crowns and veneers – so that you can retain your own teeth for as long as possible and in their best condition. And, if you do have to lose a tooth, whether through disease or trauma, we can undertake your extraction in familiar surroundings and offer you a range of bridges and dentures to ensure that you can continue to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Whilst the health of your teeth and gums is our number one priority, we know that being unhappy with the appearance of your smile can affect your confidence. That’s why we also offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry – such as tooth whitening, Six Month Smiles, Smile Makeovers – so that you can really smile with confidence.

For more details on any of our treatments, please just speak to a member of the Dental team and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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