What are the key benefits of choosing 6 Month Smiles with Harbour Dental?

What is the treatment 6 Month Smiles I hear you ask? Simply put this short term orthodontic, sometimes referred to as short term ortho, treatment is a clear brace or clear retainer that achieves results quickly, as quick as six months! These braces are designed to target cosmetic issues with primary attention given to the front and most visible teeth. This treatment has soared in popularity with us at Harbour Dental with the effects being seen as soon as your next clean. You will no doubt come across this treatment when researching orthodontics. So 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland, what are the primary benefits of this plan? Let’s take a look.

Their near-invisible design

There are two primary courses of treatment that we can offer, these are clear bracket braces and invisible retainers. Both work, in the same way, to gradually align your teeth pulling them into their natural position to correct any misalignment. The benefit of both types on offer is that they focus heavily on remaining discreet. The clear braces are fixed on clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires making them incredibly difficult to notice. Invisible retainers fit over your teeth and again there are some people who would say even friends and family struggle to notice they were being worn. This is a huge leap in encouraging people to come to us at Harbour Dental and correct their teeth when previously they would have been put off by the potential of wearing unsightly braces.

Speed with precision

Okay, perhaps the most obvious benefit that we see with patients is the amount of time 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland takes to have a really positive impact on your smile. Most orthodontic treatments focused on correcting your teeth alignment or bite will last 12-18 months. 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland however, takes just six months because it focuses on the most clearly visible teeth when smiling. Efficient use of time means you get really effective results in the time taken.

An affordable option

Speed is not the only area where efficiency is used. The effectiveness of the treatment is significant but the price is usually very fair in comparison to traditional and more long term orthodontic treatments. Prices start from £1695 for a single arch and £1995 for both arches including teeth whitening and with us at Harbour Dental there is the offer of a 0% interest repayment plan on this treatment making it a much more realistically affordable option for you.

What should you do next?

If you are considering this or any other treatment the primary thing we can encourage you to do is speak to your dentist. If you book a consultation with us at Harbour Dental you can be assured of a warm welcome and an abundance of knowledge to put your mind at ease about any course of treatment you might pursue. We can discuss all options in detail and outline the best treatment plan for you as an individual.