Curious about Six Month Smiles? 5 advantages of this brace by Harbour Dental

When it comes to braces in general, few dental patients have a positive opinion.

Many people remember back to their school days when a friend wore traditional, orthodontic braces and was met with stares, while often complaining of discomfort.

And so, it is understandable why many adults are reluctant to undertake orthodontic treatments, even if they have extremely misaligned smiles which are impeding on their confidence. Luckily, modern dentistry has the answer in the form of cosmetic, clear or invisible aligners.Straightening your smile without the metal has never been more popular and now it is also more affordable than ever before.

But what if you only need a slight realignment completed? Do you really need to undertake an expensive cosmetic treatment like Invisalign?

At Harbour Dental, we can help. If you only need a slight straightening of the pearly whites that show when you smile, you may be a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland. Fitted and affordable, this brace offers you discretion and with our team at Harbour Dental, you are assured of receiving the best treatment around!

But what are the advantages of Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland over other cosmetic braces? Read on to find out!

Budget- friendly

As you are probably aware, many adults do not want to undertake orthodontic work due to the associated costs.

With Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, however, the overall cost of treatment is reduced due to treatment time, meaning fewer appointments are needed with our team at Harbour Dental. And, if you are suitable for our surgery’s financing option, you can spread the cost too. Marvellous!


You may have read cases of dental patients undertaking a cosmetic brace, only to have it fail and their teeth moving back into their original position.

However, with this brace, you can be assured that your teeth will be moved swiftly and effectively and, providing you follow general aftercare advice, they will stay in place. For a cosmetic aligner, it really is reliable!


And of course, it is in the name, but one of the main advantages lies in the overall treatment time.

As this brace only straightens the teeth at the front of the mouth, treatment is able to be completed promptly, with the average wearing time being around six months. However, depending on the severity of your individual misalignment, you may have your treatment completed sooner or it may take slightly longer.


Discretion is the word for this fitted brace!

As the attaching brackets are clear or porcelain coloured, this brace is visually discreet and will not draw unwanted stares from strangers or colleagues. It isn’t known as a clear brace for nothing.

Exceptional results

And finally, one of the key benefits of this brace is the exceptional results that it engenders.

Our team at Harbour Dental will work hard to ensure you achieve the desired final result, leaving you with a straighter, healthier-looking smile that you won’t be able to stop showing off. Perfect!