Want braces that can straighten your smile quickly? Key points about Six Month Smiles

Studies have determined that up to 85% of all people on planet earth could benefit from some kind of orthodontic treatment; that’s a lot of retainers!

However, like most treatments, the extent to which these procedures are required will vary depending on the severity and the complexity of the orthodontic issue. And while many people associate the wearing of an aligner with bite correction and metal brackets, there are different types of aligners available designed to treat cosmetic problems.

If you are one of the many people who feel that the teeth at the front of your mouth could use some straightening, come and see our team at Harbour Dental.

At Harbour Dental, our dentists and orthodontists are proud to be able to offer a variety of cosmetic braces in Northern Ireland, including the infamous Six Month Smiles. Renowned for its speedy treatment time and its amazing results, Six Month Smiles can help you straighten those front teeth in no time at all, while being discreet and comfortable. Perfect!

In this article, our team at Harbour Dental highlights some key points about these braces in Northern Ireland, allowing you to decide whether or not they are suited for you. Enjoy!

Bite vs cosmetics

As mentioned earlier, Six Month Smiles is an aligner that is purely designed to correct cosmetic issues.

Therefore, these braces in Northern Ireland are not suitable for correcting more severe orthodontic issues such as bite misalignment, severe malocclusions or problems with jaw positioning. If you require an aligner to help with these issues, our team can suggest a suitable alternative for you.

Extractions and Six Month Smiles

While this is not common before this aligner is fitted, depending on which kind of issue is being corrected our team may decide to extract a couple of your teeth.

If you have teeth which are overlapped, this will be to make space for the new positioning or, if there are issues with crowding it will enable better movement to occur. The end result will be a smile which is gap-free and perfectly aligned.


As Six Month Smiles is a fitted brace, you will need to come in and see our dentist to have adjustments made.

This may be every 4-6 weeks and, while this aligner does not require an orthodontist to oversee its progress, there may be some tightening involved to move your teeth in the desired treatment time.

TMJ and Six Month Smiles

There is a myth that treatment with Six Month Smiles can lead to temporomandibular joint disorders or TMJ.

As this aligner only impacts on the teeth at the front of your mouth, this is simply not true! If you suffer from TMJ this aligner will not be useful in alleviating your condition.

Retainers and Six Month Smiles

Although the movement is only cosmetic, you will still need a retainer to prevent your teeth from relapsing into their former positions. Your retainer will be custom-fitted and will help your teeth adjust to their new positions.