Are there health benefits to wearing Six Month Smiles aligners?

When it comes to aligners and braces, many people assume that the entire process revolves around vanity and cosmetics. However, since the initial set of braces that were worn the purpose behind these appliances have been far more than simply straightening some teeth that were off centre.

When it comes to orthodontics, there is more to having a straight smile than meets the eye; straighter teeth are better at biting into food and chewing it. They are also a universal indicator of good health, which can make or break any number of social interactions.

And while cosmetic braces sole purpose is to straighten teeth, they also offer a number of health benefits.

Our team at Harbour Dental are no strangers to the health implications of having a slightly improved dental alignment. Our area of expertise is the Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, which are attached to the front six teeth in your mouth. Designed to realign them without the fuss of wearing a regular brace, this seemingly straightforward cosmetic brace offers a variety of health benefits during and after treatment has concluded. Perfect!

But what are some of the health advantages of Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland? Read on to find out.

Better hygiene

First and foremost, this brace offers fast treatment.

As its name states, Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland typically gets the front teeth perfectly realigned in six months or less. How does that impact on dental hygiene? As they are fitted, they have the potential to allow plaque and bacteria to accumulate but, thanks to the advanced treatment time, this is not a problem.

So, you can get a straighter smile without having to worry about developing cavities or gum disease.

Better oral health

It goes without saying that straighter teeth are easier to clean; for both you and our dentists at Harbour Dental.

And the advantage of having even six teeth correctly aligned is that there is a lowered chance of them developing plaque, cavities or gum disease, equating to improved oral health.

Better physical health

If someone has an excess of plaque in their mouth, potentially due to misaligned teeth being incorrectly cleaned, this plaque can enter their bloodstream via swollen gums or swallowing.

As plaque in the mouth has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer, it may be worth getting those front teeth straightened!

Better nutrition

Humans use their front teeth to bite into food and, if you have teeth which are not correctly aligned, this can cause harder foods to get stuck.

As harder foods tend to be raw fruits and veg, having your teeth straightened can allow you to eat a wider variety of foods without the frustration of food getting stuck in between your teeth.

Better mental health

And finally, if you feel more confident in your smile, you will smile more.

Smiling has been linked to the release of the feel-good chemical dopamine in the brain, which can help to improve your mental health.