Eager to learn if you are suited to 6 Month Smile? Criteria which may disqualify you from this brace

With the world of cosmetic dental care expanding, it seems that more treatments are available to a wider range of people. Great!

And while it is easy to get swept away after some online research into adult orthodontics, it is important to realise that the brace you want to wear may not be the best one for you.

As much as this can feel like a kick in the teeth (pun intended), it is important to remember that when it comes to straightening your teeth, your dentist will have more knowledge than you about the different kinds of braces, the most suitable for alleviating your problem and which is the most likely to get you the smile that you want. Therefore, it is best to approach any orthodontic based consultation with a more open mind about the types of brace that you may be suited to. Who knows? You may come away surprised at the variety of options open to you.

At Harbour Dental, our speciality is 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland. A purely cosmetic brace, this aligner is designed to straighten teeth located at the front of your mouth and, as the name suggests, aims to achieve this goal in six months or less! Discrete, fast and more comfortable than you may think, this is a brace suited to people who want to correct more minor misalignments in their front six teeth. Simple!

But what are some of the reasons you may not be suited for 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland? Read on to find out.


OK, so it isn’t all teenagers! Just those whose roots haven’t fully formed yet.

While braces like Invisalign can be used on teenagers as young as 14 when it comes to 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, our team will need to make sure that the roots of the teeth are fully formed. Why? Because moving teeth so quickly when there is no stable structure is a bad idea and may result in tooth loss!

So, we only offer this treatment to people over the age of 18.

People with bone loss

Traditional braces can accommodate for certain amounts of bone loss, this cosmetic brace cannot.

Again, this is linked to the speed of treatment and issues surrounding the roots coming loose.

Bite issues

Unfortunately, bite issues are surprisingly common among adults and so, if our team identifies that your teeth do not sit well when your mouth is closed, we cannot offer you this brace.

However, this brace can be used as a follow-up treatment! So, if you undertake traditional braces with our team to correct issues with your bite, this cosmetic brace can be used to add the final cosmetic touches once that treatment is completed.


This will depend on the severity but in more severe cases of crowding, our team will be unable to use this cosmetic brace to correct your smile.

If your crowding is minimal, we may extract some teeth before offering this brace.