Unsure about wearing braces as an adult? The main benefits with Harbour Dental

If you are like most people who needed braces as a child, it’s likely that you haven’t outgrown your dental misalignments.

As we grow, the position of our teeth change too; if you had an underlying orthodontic problem that was not corrected as a child, it has probably gotten worse. While undertaking orthodontic treatment as an adult may not seem ideal, there are many benefits to wearing an aligner as an adult.

The first advantage? Discretion! Unlike the aligners you refused to wear as a child, adult aligners are more discreet. Meaning, that once you put them in, no one will notice that you are wearing them. Indeed, some of the most popular aligners used in adult realignments include Invisalign, the Inman Aligner and Six Month Smiles; all discreet and effective at relocating your crooked teeth!

At Harbour Dental, our team has helped thousands of adults obtain straighter smiles using our braces in Northern Ireland, meaning more smiles and more happy patients. We pride ourselves on choosing the right treatment for the right person and can help you correct any misalignments, protrusions or other issues with minimal fuss! Perfect!

But what are the other advantages of undertaking braces in Northern Ireland as an adult? Here are some other benefits of wearing aligners!

Better hygiene

If your teeth are misaligned, it is inevitable that they will be harder to clean correctly. This can lead to secondary issues, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Undertaking braces in Northern Ireland as an adult will straighten your teeth out, making them easier to brush and maintain. It will also be easier for our team and our hygienist to keep them in top shape too!

Better digestion

Many people like to show off their smiles and consider them an essential part of their appearance.

However, many patients forget that teeth have a function; to grind and chew food. Like a machine, if your teeth do not align correctly, they cannot grind food and so, larger pieces will enter the digestive tract and be harder to absorb. Of course, straightening your teeth allows them to work properly and helps you eradicate issues such as acid reflux, heartburn and bloating.

No jaw erosion

OK, so this is a scary consequence of misaligned teeth.

Teeth that do not fit together are more prone to being ground and eroded, leading to the potential erosion of the jaw bone. Straighter teeth alleviate these issues and so, any risk of bone loss is greatly reduced.

Speech improvement

Teeth that are gapped, spaced or crowded do not allow your tongue to move correctly and have long been associated with speech impediments.

Therefore, as your teeth straighten with your aligner, you may find your pronunciation becomes clearer! Brilliant if you give speeches as part of your job!


And of course, the confidence that comes from having a newly straightened smile will last a lifetime; all that smiling and laughing, you will wonder why you didn’t try aligners sooner!!