Have you read that Six Month Smiles braces hurt? 5 myths about this brace answered by Harbour Dental

Since its invention, the internet has been an amazing resource for children and adults alike.

A place to learn, explore and share information, it has become the first port of call for almost everyone; from chatting to relatives on the other side of the planet to shopping for shoes. The internet has undoubtedly advanced the way we all live.

However, as with most sources of information, it has also become a forum of mistruths and myths about almost everything. Of course, preying on many people’s concerns about the dentist, the internet has helped to scare many dental patients about new areas of dentistry, including cosmetic braces. Alongside ophthalmology, the ins and outs of dentistry are not well known by the average patient, making it the perfect health care option to create myths about; far from reassuring when you just want to straighten your teeth!

At Harbour Dental, we understand the mistruths that exist on the web and, when you come to us for straighter teeth as an adult, we can offer you a myriad of orthodontic options to help you get a straighter, healthier-looking smile. Our team is proud to be able to offer suitable patients 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, allowing you a discrete brace that will give you that coveted Hollywood smile!

Want to know the truth behind the myths about 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland? Read on to find out!

It is painful

A common myth about 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland is that the brace is painful.

However, the accelerated treatment time of this brace does not equate to more pressure being applied and many of our patients have reported minimal amounts of discomfort at worst.

Your teeth relapse once the brace is off

Once you complete your treatment with this clear aligner, you will have to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in their new positions.

If you fail to wear the retainer, then it is highly likely that your teeth will either partially or fully relapse into their old position. So, it is vital that you wear the retainer our team gives you!

This brace is too expensive for the average person

Like many modern dentists, our team at Harbour Dental is able to offer our suitable patients a dental plan or financing, to help you spread the cost of the brace. Far from an expensive orthodontic option!

The braces are noticeable

It is true that this is a fitted brace but, as it is designed with clear brackets and a thin wire, it is barely noticeable to the naked eye. Indeed, many people won’t notice that you are wearing them at all. Great stuff!

It takes longer than six months

As odd as it sounds, these braces take on average six months to straighten your teeth and, depending on the complexity of your misalignment, it may take longer. It is also likely to be shorter than six months, so talk to our dedicated team about estimated treatment times.