Can Six Month Smiles be used with implants? The top FAQs about this brace answered by Harbour Dental

If your dentist has told you that you may benefit from some treatment with a cosmetic brace, it is likely that you will have questions.

While some patients opt for the old function over appearance argument in relation to teeth, many people want their teeth to look their best, while also helping them bite into and chew food. Indeed, why can’t you have both a good looking smile and a functional one too?

A rising star in helping many people achieve a better-looking smile is the cosmetic brace, which alongside adult orthodontics, can help many older people get a straighter smile without the hassle of a metal aligner. Some of these braces are clear, and resemble a sports guard in their shape, whereas others are fitted to the teeth with clear brackets, to avoid stares from strangers. What more could you want from a brace as an adult?

At Harbour Dental, our dentist and team have experience working with all manner of adult braces and can help you pick one that will be as discreet as possible while offering you the orthodontic realignment you need. One of our cosmetic braces, Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, is the perfect combination of discrete, fast and effective; it may be the perfect brace for you!

Have some questions about Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland? Here are the answers to the top 5, in jargon-free language below. Enjoy!

How can it work in only 6 months?

The treatment window for Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland is, on average, between 6- 10 months.

This is obtainable as the underlying purpose of the treatment is different from a traditional brace. Whereas a typical brace aims to move all of your teeth, this brace aims to move only your front teeth, thus speeding up the process.

What dental issues can it reverse?

It can help to close minimal issues with spacing, overcrowding and can create a more symmetrical appearance to your smile. It can also keep spaces in your mouth open, in case you are having other cosmetic treatments, such as dental implants.

Will it require extractions?

In the majority of cases, to wear this brace, an extraction is not required.

However, our team may decide to remove one of your lower incisors in cases of extreme overcrowding.

Will I need a scan beforehand, like an X-Ray?

As this brace is purely for cosmetic purposes, it is unlikely that you will need an X-Ray. Depending on the complexity of your gaps or spacing issues, our team may decide to use a 3D scanner to take an image of the inside of your mouth, to help assess the braces’ success during the course of treatment.

I have implants; can I still use this brace?

This will depend on the position of the dental implants and whether the brace will be moving them or any teeth that are near them.

In some cases, this brace may not be suited for people who have had dental implants fitted.