Change how you feel about your smile with braces in Northern Ireland

f you don’t smile as freely as you could because you are a little self-conscious about how your smile looks, then perhaps you need to consider biting the bullet and getting yourself some braces in Northern Ireland.

This life changing experience allows you to feel more confident with your smile, both reducing the negative associations that you feel, as well as the unconscious discriminations that others may place on you. Having straight teeth is very important in this day and age and thankfully, it is also very easy to achieve.

Many adults tend to put off straightening their teeth because they are not willing to commit to lengthy procedures, expensive equipment and unsightly devices. Thankfully, there are some streamlined braces in Northern Ireland that have been designed that offer you a chance at achieving the look that you want, without all of the added features that can be burdensome to an otherwise straightforward treatment.

So if you have a cosmetic misalignment of your teeth and want to have it quickly straightened so that you can feel more confident with your smile and have a healthier smile to boot, come in and speak with us about 6 Month Smiles, the modern approach to braces in Northern Ireland.

What is 6 Month Smiles?

This treatment combines the advantages of both fixed and removable devices into one streamlined package. Otherwise known as short term orthodontics, straightening teeth for a cosmetic purpose is a way of getting results in minimal time.

They are a fixed device, meaning that brackets are attached to teeth. Wires are then attached to these brackets and are used to pull teeth into their correct positions over time. The colour of both bracket and wire are the same as your tooth so they are discreet, meaning that you can continue on with the air of professionalism that you are expected to for your career.

By understanding your needs and desires when it comes to the teeth straightening journey itself, dentists can develop new ways that can appeal to more individuals. We simply want more people to be able to have healthier and happier smiles and we know that misaligned teeth are one of the biggest complaints that people have.

How is it so different?

Instead of needing dentists to tighten wires every so often as with traditional fixed devices, 6 Month Smiles uses wires that have a shape memory. This means that when they are placed within the brackets that are fixed to your teeth, they are stretched and pulled and repositioned to adjust to your misaligned teeth.

Gradually over the course of the next few months, they slowly bounce back into their original position, bringing the brackets and your teeth with them. By straightening teeth in this way, you can reduce pain, as movement is constant rather than fragmented and it delivers results in a fraction of the time.

Come in and speak with us about this hassle free way to straighten your teeth. We look forward to giving you an option that ticks all the boxes when it comes to convenience and results.