Eliminate the fear with Six Month Smiles Northern Ireland

As a working adult, you may be concerned about undergoing a teeth straightening procedure, because you fear that your treatment for your dream smile is going to be costly, painful, inconvenient and unsightly. You don’t want your career to potentially stagnate as you no longer exude a professional appearance, nor do you want a loss in self-confidence to stand in your way either, but you want to have picture-perfect, straight teeth.

Six Month Smiles Northern Ireland could be the solution for you. This treatment is fast, discreet and affordable, ticking all the right boxes for many individuals who have misalignments to their teeth that they would like to correct, in order to have a healthier and more attractive smile to enjoy.

This treatment offers the best of both worlds; the reliability of fixed braces and the enjoyment of discreet removable ones. The tooth coloured brackets and wires are difficult to see, giving you a confidence that is otherwise not known with fixed device solutions. We trust that you will be thrilled with the results that we can offer you.

How is Six Month Smiles Northern Ireland different from the rest?

Otherwise known as ‘short term orthodontics’, Six Month Smiles Northern Ireland is a system that is designed to allow people to cosmetically alter their teeth in a fast fashion that is also very effective.

The process is streamlined so that you can benefit from all of the factors that are associated with having straight and healthy teeth, without needing to take the time that is usually spent on straightening teeth by traditional means. Because the treatment is deemed to be a cosmetic one, focus is placed on the issues that you deem to be important, correcting your smile to how you want it to look.

How does it really work?

Although they look like a discreet version of traditional braces, this treatment is far from it in terms of functionality.

The brackets are properly placed on the teeth using bonding trays so that the entire experience is hassle free and seamless. The wires are then placed into the slots of the brackets and immediately change form to fit in with the current misaligned position of a patient’s teeth. They then gradually shift back to their original position over the course of several months.

Depending on how far the wires have been forced out of position during initial installation gives a dentist an idea of how long the treatment will take until teeth are aligned. The general length of treatment is a convenient six months.

Our dentists do not need specialist training in order to provide you with this procedure and this means a saving for you. Technological improvements have allowed for precision treatment that is effective and fast at a significantly reduced cost.

We want to be able to provide everyone with the means to have a smile that they are proud to share and that they are able to confidently commit to. Come in and speak with us today about how we can help you to enjoy your smile more, today.