6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland is a straightforward way to straighten teeth

Possibly you didn’t need to have your teeth straightened when you were younger, although you may be a little self-conscious about the appearance of them now, as you have grown older. This is normal as teeth continue to cross over or cram together as we age and unless we do something proactive about it, they will not correct themselves.

When you look through your options, it can be somewhat overwhelming to decide on one of the many different teeth straightening devices that are available these days. You may be hesitant to commit to a procedure that takes years and costs money .

You can also be uncertain of the effectiveness of some treatments, especially removable devices that rely on your commitment to wearing them. If you’re unsure what treatment system is best for you, consider 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland as a fast, easy and effective way to straighten your teeth.

We urge you to come in and discuss your options with a dentist so that you have a full understanding of your condition and what treatment is best going to work for you. By talking through the advantages and any potential disadvantages with one of our team members, you will be able to make an informed decision that will ultimately allow you to experience your own personal success.

It is not only about the end result when it comes to teeth straightening, but it is the journey as well and this is where 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland offers so much in both aspects. You can enjoy a discreet and fast way to straighten your teeth and it is effective and affordable.

How does it work?

Brackets are attached to teeth and wires are connected to them, not unlike traditional braces. However, instead of a dentist tightening these wires every so often, 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland is unique in the way that the wires themselves naturally return to their original position after being placed in the misaligned position of your teeth.

This hands off approach is gentle and constant, leaving you without experiencing painful days after you have your braces tightened, or you move on to a new tray as with removable aligners.

The more misaligned your teeth are, the longer it will take for the wires to move back into their natural, straight position. This means that if you have a very mild misalignment, you may expect your smile to be picture perfect within a few weeks, not months.

It is important to retain your smile and your investment so we recommend that you follow procedure for appropriate aftercare, in order that your teeth stay in place. If the ligaments that hold the position of your teeth in place are not given appropriate time to relax, it is likely that they begin to snap back to their original position.

Some people do find that this happens with all kinds of teeth straightening treatment and we will work hard with you to ensure that this does not happen here.