How does 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland differ to other treatments?

6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland is a unique and innovative method of straightening your teeth that takes the best of many different style devices that are available and streamlines them to provide a fast and effective solution for people with varying levels of severity with the misalignments to their teeth and jaw.

Generally used for mild to moderate conditions, 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland can also be used in conjunction with other treatments, depending on each individual. We always take the time to sit and discuss all of the options that are available to you, allowing you the opportunity to explain your lifestyle choices and expectations when it comes to your teeth straightening journey.

Most of the time, our patients are looking for the fastest and most effective option with the least amount of inconvenience available and 6 Month Smiles Northern Ireland can deliver. As the name suggests, this treatment takes only 6 months to straighten teeth which is on average half the time of other options available.

How does it do this?

The secret behind this effective tool is the wires that are attached to brackets, much like traditional devices. These wires, however, have a kind of memory which means once they are attached to your teeth, they begin to slowly move back to their original position, bringing the brackets, and your teeth, with them.

It takes about 6 months for them to move this amount, meaning that the process is consistent and slow. There are several benefits to this approach both physically and emotionally.

What are the physical benefits of this approach?

Because the movement is constant, most people tend to be able to adjust to the discomfort quickly. Other devices force teeth into a slightly new adjustment quickly and allow your teeth to relax into this position over the coming weeks. This is apparent with both fixed devices where you must have a dental appointment for a dentist to move your wires, or with removable devices where you replace your existing trays with a new one.

What are the emotional benefits to this approach?

A lot of us, especially working-age adults, make excuses not to straighten our teeth because we do not have the time to constantly visit a dentist every couple of weeks for at least a year to have our wires adjusted.

This treatment, however, is quite self-controlling and you should only need to visit us if you have any concerns or when you find it convenient to ensure that everything is going to plan.

By feeling more in control of your journey and by shortening it significantly, many more people find that they are willing to embark on this life-changing opportunity and improve their health and wellbeing by straightening their teeth.

If you would like to find out more about straightening your teeth using this method, then do ensure you mention it to one of our experienced professionals so that we can determine whether the option is suitable for your case.