Myth or fact? A straightforward look at Six Month Smile braces by Harbour Dental

When you are looking for advice on any treatment online, from waxing to tattoos, it is highly probable that at some point during your research, you will come up against myths. While there is some interesting stuff on the internet, the last thing you want to do is cancel any treatment that you could benefit from based on a myth that you read online.

Of course, as is the way with dentistry, many dental procedures are surrounded by myths, meaning it can often be tough for dental patients to identify the truths about treatment. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of adult based orthodontics, many clear, invisible and even cosmetic aligners have been subject to some rather inventive myths, which may cause more apprehensive patients to decide against undertaking them altogether.

At Harbour Dental, our team have heard pretty much every myth and mistruth imaginable about braces in Northern Ireland and will always aim to assure our patients of the truth about orthodontic treatments. When you come to us for Six Month Smile braces, you can rest assured that we know all there is to know about this aligner and can ensure that its usage will help to improve your smile.

But what are some of the most common statements you are likely to come across when you research these braces in Northern Ireland? Are they myths or facts? Read on to find out!

Six Months Smiles is a removable aligner

Myth-Some adult aligners are removable, Six Month Smiles is not one of them.

A fitted aligner, Six Month Smile braces in Northern Ireland are more targeted to allow for the faster treatment time.

Six Month Smiles can take longer than 6 months

Fact- Depending on your unique clinical presentation, you may need to wear Six Month Smiles for more than 6 months.

Remember, that it is a cosmetic aligner and is only going to be able to move the teeth at the front of your mouth, so the severity of the misalignment is often the key determining factor in how long you will wear this aligner for.

Six Month Smiles is more affordable than other aligners

Fact-You will be happy to learn that this is true.

While you will need to have some tightening or adjustments performed while you wear it, due to its accelerated treatment time, it is more budget-friendly than other adult aligners.

Six Month Smiles can correct your bite

Myth- No, it cannot.

As mentioned earlier, it is designed to correct any cosmetic issues that are present at the front of your mouth. If you need to fix an issue with your bite, talk to our team about other orthodontic or classic aligner options.

Six Month Smiles can cause dental root issues

Myth- No, it doesn’t.

Many patients worry that due to the accelerated treatment, the risk of damage to the roots of the teeth goes up.

However, Six Month Smiles carries no greater risk than any other aligner and is not known to damage roots, teeth or gums.