Are there benefits to having 6 Month Smile braces? Our team at Harbour Dental highlights the top 5

When most adults hear the word brace, many instantly envision someone that they knew in high school, wearing the traditional metal brace and speaking with an inflexion. So, it comes as no surprise that few adults actually consider the advantages that can come with wearing a brace!

But of course, there are many advantages, and thanks to the modern advances in orthodontic options, they are now becoming clearer. With affordability and accessibility of invisible, clear and cosmetic braces becoming more common, more adults than ever before are attending their dental surgery looking for ways to straighten out their teeth.

When you visit Harbour Dental to discuss ways to straighten your smile with our team, we may suggest that you undertake 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland. A fitted but clear brace, this aligner is the perfect way to straighten your teeth without drawing attention, so your confidence will be boosted rather than hindered. Brilliant!

Aside from its discretion, are there any other advantages to wearing 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland? Of course, there are!

Better hygiene

Returning to the analogy of the highschool friend who wore traditional braces, many people who undertake orthodontic options have to attend additional hygienist sessions to ensure that their teeth do not fall victim to decay or plaque. Simply put, it is harder to brush your teeth correctly if there is a device attached to them.

But as 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland can be fitted and completed in the regular time between dental check-ups, there is no risk posed to your oral health, and so, your hygiene will not be affected.

Reduced cost

Many adults assume that any kind of orthodontic treatment that they undertake will be expensive.

However, as this brace requires minimal tweaking and will only be worn for 6 months, it offers an affordable way for many patients to straighten their smiles without breaking the bank.

Accelerated treatment

It’s all in the name.

On average, patients who wear this brace only need to wear it for 6 months, meaning it is the perfect way to improve your smile quickly if you have a wedding, graduation or another important life event coming up. Even if you will require a slightly longer treatment, your smile will still look great in any photos, as this brace has a discrete appearance.

Comfortable and convenient

When most people think of orthodontic procedures, they think of being in discomfort.

And, when patients discover that this brace is fitted and will require adjustments, it can sound like it will be unpleasant. However, thanks to the low friction brackets, having this aligner tightened will not be uncomfortable and, thanks to the braces convenient design, it is able to move your teeth without excessive amounts of force or pressure.

Excellent results

And finally, one advantage of this brace is its exceptional results.

Offering the same success rate as traditional orthodontic aligners, you will be able to get a straighter, healthier smile to show off but in less time.