Would you like 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland?

Many people do not understand what this treatment is and therefore may be missing out on an opportunity to experience a teeth straightening journey that is more aligned to both their emotional and physical needs.

6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland combines both the ease of a fixed device with the convenience of reduced dental appointments whilst also shortening average treatment times by half. It works by using wires that have a kind of memory, meaning that they gradually move back to their original, straight position after being applied to brackets that are attached to your teeth.

They are designed to move slowly enough so that there is consistent yet gentle pressure applied to your teeth, making it a safe and effective way to shift teeth and generally working within a 6 month time frame.

Many of us, whether we are teenagers or working adults, can agree that 6 months is a very short amount of time in the great scheme of things in order to straighten our smile and achieve healthier looking and feeling teeth. It is important to straighten teeth if we can because there are many underlying conditions that can be left untreated if we do not focus on improving our oral health where we can.

What can happen to our teeth if we do not straighten them?

A lot of us have cramped or crossed teeth and would benefit from the positive impact that 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland can provide.

One of the major complications that arise from unstraightened teeth is the build up of bad bacteria and plaque that is found in the hard to reach places where teeth are tightly packed together or crossed over.

If left untreated, this plaque creates cavities which will need restorative treatment or eventually, the tooth will need to be removed altogether. This can have devastating impacts on your general health and wellbeing, both when your tooth is deteriorating and after, once you do not have a complete set of teeth.

Furthermore, we have a subconscious perception of beauty in our modern age which views straight, white teeth as a sign of trustworthiness, intelligence and attractiveness. Even if others can look beyond our smile, we are likely to think a little less of ourselves. So it is important to take the opportunities that are available to us these days and improve our health and appearance for our own wellbeing.

Having a healthy smile is beneficial for our emotional and physical health. Choosing a treatment such as 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland is a way for many of us to experience a transformative process in a short amount of time which is appealing to everyone. The results are long lasting, positive and enable people to make the most out of their smile, both in function and in confidence.

If you are interested in understanding more about this treatment, we kindly welcome you to speak with us about your teeth straightening options. You can talk to us about your expectations and wishes and together we can find a solution that offers the best possible results.