Do you have some questions about adult braces? Your top 5 FAQs about Six Month Smiles answered!

While it was once common to only see aligners or orthodontic treatments on children and teenagers, the world of adult orthodontics is a fast-growing and popular one.

In years gone by, the only orthodontic options available to adults involved the traditional, metal aligners which were often uncomfortable and were far from discreet. This led to many adults not seeking corrective treatments for their teeth, and as a result, having to cope with the issues associated with a less than perfect smile.

However, thanks to advances in orthodontics, many dentists are able to offer adult patients a myriad of treatments, including clear, invisible and incognito aligners. As the names suggest, all of these options are discreet in appearance and can correct more complex alignment issues in an accelerated time.

One of the most popular of these braces in Northern Ireland is the Six Month Smiles clear aligner. At Harbour Dental, we can help suitable patients get a straighter, healthier and more functional smile in less than a year, with no large brackets and wires! Brilliant!

Of course, if you feel you may be suitable for these braces in Northern Ireland, you will want to know more. Read on for the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Six Month Smiles.

Who can Six Month Smiles help?

These braces in Northern Ireland are perfect for resolving cosmetic issues with teeth at the front of the mouth.

Therefore, if you have a mild to moderate misalignment, crowding, small spaces between teeth or want to improve deep bites, this may be the option for you. Please note that your overall oral health has to be in good condition before you undertake this treatment.

I have TMJ – can Six Month Smiles resolve this?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is often caused by the upper and lower jaws not fitting together properly when the mouth is closed.

This misalignment cannot be corrected by Six Month Smiles, but may be treatable with other orthodontic options.

Will I need to have teeth removed?

This will depend on the severity of your misalignment and will be decided by our team at Harbour Dental during your initial consultation.

Generally speaking, this treatment does not usually require extractions to work, but if an extraction is needed, it is typically a lower incisor which is removed.

What makes this treatment different from other aligners?

Six Month Smiles are different from other adult orthodontics due to the shape of the bracket and the consistent, but gentle, force that is applied through the wire to move your teeth without creating excess pressure.

Also, the brackets are either clear or tooth coloured and blend seamlessly with your teeth to maximise the discretion. Perfect!

Can it help with relapse cases?

If you have had previous orthodontic treatments and your teeth are moving back into their former positions, then Six Month Smiles can help!

Similarly, if you have finished using a retainer and are noticing some unwanted movement, this aligner can prevent a complete relapse.