Curious about the advantages of 6 Month Smiles? The top 6 by Harbour Dental

It may seem counterintuitive to put the words ‘advantage’ and ‘brace’ next to each other- especially when it comes to adult braces! To this day, orthodontic treatments carry a negative connotation; many people instantly think of things such as large, orthodontic braces which are less than visually discrete and are often uncomfortable to wear. Of course, such appliances are also less than ideal when it comes to the hustle and bustle of adult life.

However, clear and invisible braces are becoming more commonplace in adult orthodontics, meaning that you can actually obtain a straighter, whiter smile without the disadvantages of a regular brace.

At Harbour Dental, we can offer all suitable patients clear or invisible braces, allowing you to get your ideal smile without the hassle of traditional aligners. With 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, you will receive all of the benefits of a traditional aligner in relation to cosmetic appeal, without the unnecessary aesthetic downfalls.

Are there any other advantages of using 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland? Read on to find out!

Better oral health

One of the key issues with traditional braces is that they can cause issues with oral health, such as the accumulation of plaque and the forming of cavities.

As the name suggests, the average time that you will wear 6 Month Smiles in Northern Ireland is six months, and so, it is extremely unlikely that your oral health will deteriorate in that timespan.

Reduced dental trips

We all remember that one friend who wore traditional braces and was forever going to the orthodontist’s office to have them tightened or adjusted.

With this brace, you will not need an orthodontist to tighten it and, due to its targeted design, the trips you undertake to visit our team will be very spaced apart.

Accelerated treatment

Once again, it’s in the title!

The average span of this treatment is about 6 months, however, this may vary depending on your individual clinical needs. Some of our patients have been able to achieve a straighter smile with this brace in just 5 months, whereas others have needed a slightly longer treatment time.


Worried about discomfort? Don’t be!

Due to the design of this brace, it will only be used on the front 6 teeth in your mouth and, thanks to the unique construction, it does not apply excessive levels of force when tightened. And, as it has a slimline structure, it will not rub against the insides of your mouth during day-to-day activities either.


With this brace, you will be able to laugh, smile and eat food without worrying about your smile, providing a natural enhancement to your appearance. Also, many patients have reported to our team that they experienced a boost in their confidence when using this brace.


While this brace is fitted, the brackets holding it in place are either clear or enamel coloured, to reduce its appearance. This allows you to have your teeth moved without attracting unwanted stares from strangers.