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Mrs M Harper - Donaghadee

I am absolutely delighted and pleased with the appearance of my teeth following my Zoom tooth whitening treatment. I am really happy that I decided to have the treatment and would highly recommend Zoom tooth whitening with Harbour Dental Practice.

Kelly Tipping - Donaghadee

I had always been really self-conscious about my teeth, especially working in a dental surgery, and avoided having my photo taken completely, even with family.  With Six Month Smiles the change in such a short space of time has been amazing.  Combined with the complimentary tooth whitening, I now have the smile I always dreamed of and this year, for the first time ever, I had holiday photos taken with my two sons, the elder of which is in secondary school!

Naomi Long - East Belfast

Most people thought my teeth were already pretty straight but I had one tooth near the front which wasn’t and I was always self-conscious in photos and on television.  Wearing conventional metal braces wasn’t an option for me, as my work means being in the public eye and I didn’t want them to be a distraction when I was speaking.  Six Month Smiles was really discrete – in fact, most of my colleagues didn’t notice them until I showed them!  In less than six weeks, something that had always bothered me was fixed and I’m delighted with my new, straighter and whiter smile.


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