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If you are an existing patient, you can now book your next appointment online, be just clicking on the link.

NHS treatments provide patients with adequate care to treat dental disease.  Not all treatments are available on the NHS.  For example, white fillings on posterior (back) teeth, cosmetic treatments (e.g. tooth whitening/smile makeovers), mouth guards, high quality all ceramic crowns and bridges, high quality dentures (e.g. flexible/cosmetic dentures) are excluded.

All patients are entitled to NHS treatments which normally receive 20% funding from the Health Service; however, we are no longer able to accept new fee paying NHS Patients at Harbour Dental at this time.

However, if you meet any of the criteria below, your treatments are free from any patient contribution and you can register with Harbour Dental:

Under 18 years of age
Those aged 18 and in full education
Pregnant or had a baby in the 12 months before treatment starts
Named on a HC2 certificate

If you or your partner are receiving the following benefits

Income support
Job seeker’s allowance
Working families tax credit
Disabled persons tax credit
Pension credit guarantee credit

If any of the above applies to you please feel free to register, either here on our website, or by calling at Reception, to arrange a registration check-up.